Hardly the most crucial entry in Trojan's ever-growing Box Set series, but Trojan Beatles Tribute contains just enough sweet soul to make it worthwhile for fanatics and more than enough kitsch and camp for the curious. Pat Kelly wrings every last bit of emotion out of "A Hard Day's Night," as does Marcia Griffiths' take on "Don't Let Me Down," but truly dedicated moments like these are few and far between. Plenty of the Fab Four's numbers get rattled off without much effort or insight, but the people at Trojan have done a good job of mixing the track list, dropping the drab numbers between the more interesting ones. The collection goes outside the proper Beatles songbook by including some solo numbers, best of which has to be Byron Lee's suitably over the top "Live and Let Die." Some thin and synthetic ragga numbers spoil the fun, save Dawn Penn's relaxed "Here Comes the Sun" and Desmond Dekker's effervescent "Blackbird." The reggae hardcore are going to cobble together a more purposeful single CD from this all, but Beatles fans with pools, hot tubs, or sunny vacation plans can let the whole breezy set play with little harshing of their mellow.

Track Listing

1-1 Glen Adams -- I Wanna Hold Your Hand
1-2 Pat Kelly -- A Hard Day's Night
1-3 Byron Lee And The Dragonaires -- And I Love Her
1-4 Now Generation, The -- You Never Know (I'll Be Back)
1-5 Joe White -- Yesterday
1-6 Flame All Stars, The -- Yesterday
1-7 Willie Lindo -- Norwegian Wood (aka A Darker Shade Of Black)
1-8 Ernest Ranglin -- You Won't See Me
1-9 Ernie Smith -- You Won't See Me
1-10 Joe White -- If I Needed Someone
1-11 B.B. Seaton -- No Eleanor Rigby
1-12 Don Carlos (2) -- Hello Goodbye
1-13 Crystalites, The -- Lady Madonna
1-14 John Holt -- Hey Jude
1-15 Dynamites, The -- Hey Jude
1-16 Ken Lazarus -- Ob La Di Ob La Da
1-17 Rosalyn Sweat* & Paragons, The -- Blackbird (Singing)
2-1 John Holt -- I Will
2-2 Anonymously Yours -- Get Back
2-3 Marcia Griffiths -- Don't Let Me Down
2-4 Harry J. All Stars -- Don't Let Me Down
2-5 Maytals, The -- Give Peace A Chance
2-6 Blues Busters, The -- Something
2-7 Sharon Forrester -- Here Comes The Sun
2-8 Dobby Dobson -- Carry That Weight
2-9 Nicky Thomas -- Let It Be
2-10 Upsetters, The Feat. Soulettes, The -- Let It Be
2-11 Keith Lynn & S.P.M's, The -- My Sweet Lord
2-12 John Holt -- Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
2-13 Ken Boothe -- My Love
2-14 Byron Lee & The Dragonaires* -- Live And Let Die
2-15 Techniques, The -- World Without Love
2-16 King Kouchi & Techniques, The -- Show Me Your Motion (World Without Love Version)
2-17 Ken Lazarus -- Come And Get It
3-1 Black Beatles, The -- Reggae And Shout (Twist And Shout)
3-2 Alton Ellis -- And I Love Her
3-3 Dandy* -- Yesterday
3-4 Jackie Robinson (2) -- In My Life
3-5 Pioneer All Stars, The -- In My Life Dub
3-6 Rico & The Rudies (aka Joe's All Stars)* -- Hey Jude
3-7 Joyce Bond -- Ob La Di Ob La Da
3-8 Desmond Dekker -- Blackbird (Singing)
3-9 Israelites, The -- Come Together
3-10 Susan Cadogan -- Something
3-11 Dawn Penn -- Here Comes The Sun
3-12 Nicky Thomas -- Isn't It A Pity
3-13 Rudies, The -- My Sweet Lord
3-14 T.T. Ross -- Imagine
3-15 Del Davis -- A World Without Love
3-16 Johnny Arthey Orchestra -- A World Without Love

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