John Lurie - Interview Parts 1, 2 & 3
 A short film about John Lurie and his Strange and Beautiful Music


John Lurie of The Lounge Lizards interview
 Interview in 1998 after performing with The Lounge Lizards


John Lurie shows his rare film Men In Orbit
 VH1 New Visions 1988


John Lurie Art
 Paintings by John Lurie


John Lurie How stupid is there
 Paintings by John Lurie

1) Shopping cart says "Dear God, let me forgive my friends and dont forget to speak to me tomorrow."
2) Catch
3) Wizard
4) Ali - Fear Eats the Fish
5) Bones are on the outside
6) The Skeleton in my closet has moved out to the garden


Fishing With John
Episode 1 - Montauk with Jim Jarmusch -
Episode 2 - Jamaica with Tom Waits -
Episode 3 - Costa Rica with Matt Dillon -
Episode 4 - Maine with Willem Dafoe -


Fishing with John...with John Lurie: complete Q&A
 You can now watch the complete Q&A with John Lurie as part of Nitehawk's Fishing with John...with John Lurie special screening...
 On November 15 last month, Nitehawk was honored to host a truly special one-night event with estimable John Lurie. We screened three episodes of his cult-classic television series Fishing With John (featuring Tom Waits, Willem Dafoe, and Dennis Hopper) to a sold-out crowd and then John Lurie joined us for a heartfelt, candid, humorous, touching, and insider chat about everything from the mysterious narrator of Fishing with John to the appalling 2010 New Yorker profile to his interest in painting. In a recent Capital New York article, Lurie said that in this screening and discussion he would "reacquaint myself with the world a bit." And as you can see in these videos of his Q&A with Nitehawk's John Woods, he did so quite brilliantly.

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