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This Day in Music History
April 21

1945 : One of the world's first great R&B labels, Modern Records, is formed by Saul and Jules Bihari in Los Angeles. It would prove to be the launching pad for everyone from John Lee Hooker to Etta James.

1960 : For about 20 years, it was common practice for record companies to pay DJs to play songs, but now the US government was cracking down on what they call "Payola." Dick Clark testifies before congress and admits that he took money and gifts to play records - estimating 27% of his playlist to be paid. Clark emerges more powerful than ever, selling off conflicting interests and expanding his music empire. On the other hand, another prominent DJ and TV host, Alan Freed, refuses to admit that he took payola, insisting that he was a consultant to the industry. His career never recovers despite his massive influence and success.

1961 : The Beatles debut at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England.

1969 : Janis Joplin makes her stage debut in London when she and her Kozmic Blues Band perform a legendary concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

1970 : Elton John makes his stage debut as a solo act when he opens for T. Rex, Spooky Tooth, and Jackie Lomax at the Roundhouse in London.

1977 : Elvis Presley begins his last concert tour in Greensboro, North Carolina.

1977 : Having spent a full decade as a draft exile in Canada, singer-songwriter Jesse Winchester returns to the US.

1990 : Paul McCartney sets a new world record for attendance at a concert by a single artist when his tour-ending concert at the Maracana Stadium in Rio draws 184,000 people.

1993 : Bill Kreutzmann, drummer for Grateful Dead, spots a 17-year-old surfer foundering in a riptide near Mendocino, California and dives in, saving his life.

2001 : Peter Buck of R.E.M. gets unruly on a British Airways flight and is arrested. He is accused of drinking 15 glasses of wine, overturning a service cart and engaging in other bad behavior, but charges are eventually dropped. Buck claimed that ingesting both a sleeping pill and wine caused him to lose it.

2003 : EMI and Universal Music sue the file-sharing service Napster for copyright violations.

2004 : Michael Jackson is officially charged with child molestation after a California grand jury determines there is enough evidence to proceed with allegations made against him for time spent at his Neverland Ranch.

Texts from calendar.songfacts.com


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