April 3 : This Day in Music History Miscellaneous

This Day in Music History
April 3

1924 : The married Beulah Annan murders her lover Harry Kalstedt then sits drinking cocktails and playing "Hula Lou" over and over again while he dies.

1959 : The British Broadcasting Corporation bans the Coasters' "Charlie Brown" over its reference to "spitballs" (a ban it lifts two weeks later).

1975 : Steve Miller is arrested for setting fire to a "friend's" possessions and then resisting arrest by scuffling with police who respond. Charges are dropped the next day.

1989 : 23 people are arrested when they try to crash a Grateful Dead concert (along with several thousand others).

2008 : Jay-Z joins Madonna and U2 and signs a huge contract with Live Nation; he scores a 360 deal that includes his own label.

Texts from calendar.songfacts.com

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