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This Day in Music History
August 22

1960 : Elvis Presley's "It's Now Or Never", an English-language cover of the Neapolitan standard "O Sole Mio," finally gets its copyright cleared for release in the UK.

1963 : EMI announces a half-million advance orders in Britain for The Beatles' upcoming single "She Loves You".

1964 : Alvin and the Chipmunks' label, Liberty, reports that their cover album of Beatles songs is moving 25,000 copies a day.

1965 : Awaiting their favorite group at Granada Television's Manchester, England studios, over 200 screaming Rolling Stones fans break through security barriers, causing the security guards on duty to turn the fire hoses on them.

1966 : The Beatles' LP "Revolver" is certified gold.

1969 : The Beatles hold their very last photographic shoot as a group, occurring on the lawn of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's home in Tittenhurst in Ascot, England.

1970 : Songwriter Elton John signs with Uni, a division of MCA, as a solo act.

1998 : During his show at the Arrowhead Pond (now Honda Center) in Anaheim, California, Elton John is joined onstage by fan Jim Carrey, who duets with him on a perfectly serious version of Rocket Man. Carrey then sits at the piano and plays it by bashing his head onto the keys.

2003 : Norwegian Elvis impersonator Kjell Bjornestad set a new world record by performing the King's repetoire for 26 straight hours.

2012 : Rap star LL Cool J hears his alarm go off one night in his Los Angeles home and rushes downstairs to confront an alleged burglar, name of Jonathan Kirby. One broken nose, jaw, and rib later, Cool J has subdued the intruder and police are on their way to take the suspect into custody. No word on whether Cool quoted one of his own songs, "Mama Said Knock You Out", during the altercation.

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