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This Day in Music History
August 23

1964 : The Beatles play a concert at the Hollywood Bowl intended for a live album, but the screaming crowd lowers the sound quality and the album is scrapped.

1965 : The Beatles' LP "Help!" is certified gold.

1966 : During their last tour of the US, The Beatles again play New York's famed Shea Stadium; however, numerous recent concerts in the area make selling out the show an impossibility.

1968 : Jimi Hendrix's Experience, Big Brother & the Holding Company and Soft Machine perform at the New York Rock Festival in Queens.

1968 : Ringo Starr walks out on the White Album sessions and takes a vacation. Paul McCartney takes his place on drums for Back In The U.S.S.R. and Dear Prudence, but The Beatles welcome Ringo back with flowers on his drum kit when he returns.

1970 : The Velvet Underground play their last show at Max's Kansas City in New York.

1970 : Lou Reed plays his last gig with The Velvet Underground at the club Max's Kansas City in New York. His father brings him home to Long Island and puts him to work in his accounting firm, where he stays for two years before signing a solo deal.

1978 : Steve Martin's "King Tut" is certified gold.

1987 : At a 20th anniversary "Summer Of Love" celebration concert in Calaveras County Fairgrounds in Angel Camp, California featuring the Grateful Dead, a man who escaped from a drug treatment facility shoots a policeman and is then shot dead.

1991 : Pearl Jam plays the Mural Amphitheater Seattle.

1993 : News of Michael Jackson's child molestation investigation is finally made public by the Los Angeles police.

2000 : Kenny Loggins is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2005 : Bay City Rollers' lead singer Les McKeown is arraigned on cocaine possession and distribution charges in London. He is eventually acquitted of the intent to distribute.

2007 : Brian May of Queen gets a degree from London's Imperial College. It's not one of those honorary degrees either - he earned a PhD in astrophysics. He would have gotten it sooner, but he was busy being a rock star.

2008 : Erykah Badu joins My Morning Jacket during their performance in Dallas to perform her song Tyrone.

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