Blues subgenres

Blues subgenres

Classic female blues
Country blues
Delta blues
Electric blues
Fife and drum blues
Jump blues
Piano blues
Rhythm and blues
Soul music

Fusion genres

Blues rock
Punk blues
Soul blues

"Heroes of the Blues" by R. Crumb

Regional scenes

♪ British blues
♪ Canadian blues
♪ Chicago blues
♪ Detroit blues
♪ East Coast blues
♪ Gospel blues
♪ Hokum
♪ Kansas City blues
♪ Louisiana blues
♪ Memphis blues
♪ New Orleans blues
♪ New York blues
♪ Piedmont blues
♪ St. Louis blues
♪ Swamp blues
♪ Texas blues
♪ West Coast blues
♪ Hill country blues

Comments and suggestions on how to organize, improve or expand the presentation of this music genre and its subgenres are welcome below.


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