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This Day in Music History
December 25

1959 : An apprentice engineer from Liverpool named Richard Starkey, then already eighteen, gets his first real set of drums for Christmas (the young Starkey's family couldn't afford a proper set when he was a child). Later, he would become known as Ringo Starr.

1960 : James Taylor receives his first guitar for Christmas, at the age of 12.

1964 : The Zombies headline Murray the K's Big Holiday Show in New York City.

1964 : George Harrison's new girlfriend, model Pattie Boyd, is attacked by fans at The Beatles' Christmas Show in London. One year later to the day, George would ask Pattie to be his wife.

1967 : Paul McCartney announces his engagement to Jane Asher (they break up eight months later without ever getting married).

1969 : 16-year-old Robbie Bachman of Winnipeg, Canada receives his first drum kit for Christmas and begins to play along with his older brother, guitarist Randy. Just three years later, Randy asks him to join his new band, named Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

1977 : At Ivanhoe's in Huddersfield, the The Sex Pistols play their last UK gig before their split. The show is a charity benefit, and most of the audience members are children.

1981 : The J. Geils Band plays a gig for prisoners at Boston's Norfolk Correctional Center, with lead singer Peter Wolf telling his captive audience, "We wanna be the first to buy you all a free drink on the outside".

1981 : Michael Jackson calls Paul McCartney to wish him Merry Christmas, and at the same time, suggests they write and record together. The result is the hit duet "The Girl Is Mine", the first single off of the landmark album "Thriller".

1990 : Soldiers in South Carolina are treated to a concert by James Brown, who is given a furlough from the work center where he is being detained so he can play for the troops. He includes his patriotic hit "Living In America" in the set.

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