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This Day in Music History
July 25

1956 : The Italian luxury liner Andrea Doria collides with the Swedish liner Stockholm, the latter tearing a hole in the starboard hull of the former, killing 52 instantly and causing the Andrea Doria to sink by morning. On board is one Mike Stoller, who would go on to become one of the famous Lieber-Stoller songwriting team.

1965 : Dylan plugs in! At the Newport Folk Festival, Bob Dylan plays an electric set for the first time, horrifying folkies everywhere.

1969 : At the end of their gig at the Fillmore in San Francisco, Crosby, Stills & Nash invite Neil Young on stage to back them on a couple of songs, and they like the result so much he almost immediately becomes part of the band.

1975 : A California federal judge rules that San Francisco had a right to arrest Miracles singer Smokey Robinson the previous year, even though his name only matched the alias of the criminal he was confused with.

1995 : Legendary singer Nina Simone is arrested for firing a pellet gun at noisy teenagers playing near her home in the south of France, for which she is placed on an 18-month probation and ordered to seek counseling.

1999 : On the third day of the Woodstock '99 festival on Griffiss Air Force Base, overpriced water, overflowing toilets and a Limp Bizkit performance of "Break Stuff" leads to riots, groping and injuries. Conditions deteriorated as the festival raged on, and by the final day, MTV was covering the event with the tagline "Apocalypse Woodstock". The 30th Anniversary of Woodstock ends with riots, fires, looting, three rapes, and other crimes, including three accidental deaths. In addition, several fans are hospitalized from drinking polluted water.

2001 : The Doors' John Densmore, Bonnie Raitt, and others are arrested in Itasca, Illinois, for demonstrating against a company which they claim destroys the rainforest.

2012 : MGA Entertainment, the toy corporation behind the "Bratz" line of dolls, files lawsuit against Lady Gaga, alleging that her and her managers delayed approval on marketing a Lady Gaga doll. MGA calls it "breach of contract" and is asking for $10 million - this, only eight months after the deal was struck.

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