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This Day in Music History
July 26

1968 : The Jackson 5, discovered by Motown mainstay Gladys Knight (not, as legend has it, Diana Ross), signs to the label today for a one-year contract.

1974 : London graffiti artists hired by The Rolling Stones' management spray paint various local sites as promotion for the groups' latest single, "It's Only Rock N' Roll".

1974 : John Denver's "Annie's Song" is certified gold.

1976 : Ted Nugent's self-titled album is certified gold.

1976 : With endless touring and recording, as well as various addictions, tearing the band apart, Three Dog Night plays their last concert tonight in San Francisco, California. (The group would reunite in 1981, but that reunion would prove short-lived.)

1977 : While touring the US with Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant learns that his son Karac has died of a respiratory illness. The tour abruptly ends, and Led Zeppelin will never again play in the United States.

1987 : With the Cold War winding down, American export Billy Joel plays a concert in Leningrad - something that would be impossible a few years earlier. The show is released as the album KOHUEPT (Concert).

2000 : The file-sharing service Napster is ordered by a US federal judge to cease trading copyrighted music files in the next 48 hours.

2003 : Vegas mainstay Tom Jones in inducted into the Gaming Hall Of Fame, along with Harrah's exec Phil Satre.

2003 : Limp Bizkit appear at the Hawthorne Racetrack in Chicago as part of Metallica's Summer Sanitarium tour with Deftones, Linkin Park and Mudvayne. But the crowd soon make it be known how they feel about frontman Fred Durst and his crew: Limp Bizkit are reportedly booed as soon as they hit the stage. It got worse from there as Durst is pelted with coins and bottles, leading him to launch into homophobic taunts, according to local papers. As a result, Limp Bizkit leaves the stage after 30 minutes and only six songs, but not before Durst challenges audience members to a fight.

2006 : Paul McCartney's first guitar is sold at an Abbey Road Studios auction for 330,000 pounds, or about half a million US dollars.

2006 : Arvel Jett Reeves is sentenced to eight months in jail for "bugging" Michael Jackson's Gulfstream jet with two digital video recorders in order to get some media-worthy private conversation.

Texts from calendar.songfacts.com

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