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This Day in Music History
July 27

1968 : A riot erupts at Chicago's Grant Park after Sly And The Family Stone fail to appear for a free concert.

1969 : Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees collapses from "nervous exhaustion" just as the group is about to embark on its first US tour, but it's actually a ruse designed to hasten his exit from the group.

1976 : John Lennon ends his four-year fight to stay in the US as a special government hearing granted him a green card (Number A-17-597-321).

1976 : Bruce Springsteen sues his manager Mike Appel for fraud and mismanagement. Appel counter-sues, and the legal action keeps Springsteen from recording for about 15 month, a time Springsteen spends touring. The case is eventually settled out of court.

1979 : A firebomb destroys Alice Cooper's Indian art store in Scottsdale, Arizona, causing $200,000 in damage to, among other things, some of Cooper's gold records. The singer jokes that perhaps a "disco music freak" torched the place, as Alice had been quite vocal about not liking the new musical trend.

1992 : Michael Jackson sues the London tabloid Daily Mirror over claims that too many plastic surgeries had left him permanently disfigured.

2006 : The company behind file-sharing service Kazaa agrees to pay record labels over $115 million in damages for piracy.

2009 : A law enforcement official tells The Associated Press that Michael Jackson's personal doctor administered a powerful anesthetic to help him sleep, and authorities believe the drug is what killed the pop singer.

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