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This Day in Music History
July 29

1966 : Bob Dylan gets in a famous motorcycle accident, and pretty much disappears for 9 months, leaving a void filled with rumors speculating on his condition. Dylan cleared things up in his 2004 autobiography, where he wrote: "I had been in a motorcycle accident and I'd been hurt, but I recovered. Truth was that I wanted to get out of the rat race."

1966 : A U.S. magazine targeted to teenagers called Datebook causes an uproar when they reprint some of John Lennon's interview 4 months earlier in the London Evening Standard, where Lennon said, "We're more popular than Jesus now". The American media jumps on the quote and turns it into a major story.

1968 : Refusing to play in front of the country's segregated audiences, Gram Parsons leaves The Byrds on the eve of a South African tour.

1970 : The Rolling Stones' contract with Decca expires, and the group takes the opportunity to split with notorious manager Allen Klein. Delivering one more song to the label to fulfill its obligation, the famously unreleasable "C********* Blues" (aka Schoolboy Blues), they also begin the process of forming their own label, Rolling Stones Records (which will feature the debut of the band's "tongue and lip" logo).

1973 : Led Zeppelin has about $180,000 stolen from their safe at the Drake Hotel after a show at Madison Square Garden, and event chronicled in their concert documentary The Song Remains The Same.

1986 : Seventies soft-rocker Paul Davis is gutshot during an attempted robbery at a Nashville hotel. He eventually recovers.

1987 : Michigan governor James Blanchard declares today "Four Tops Day" in honor of the Motown legends.

1987 : Ben and Jerry's introduces a new flavor: Cherry Garcia, named after the Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia.

1990 : Elton John checks into a hospital in Chicago, IL, for bulimia and substance abuse.

2011 : Chuck Berry throws out the first pitch at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game on the same day his statue is unveiled on Delmar Boulevard in the city.

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