June 14 : This Day in Music History Miscellaneous

This Day in Music History
June 14

1953 : Elvis Presley graduates from Humes High School in Memphis, Tennessee.

1961 : After a performance at the Majestic Theatre in Newcastle, England, Gene Vincent is mobbed by admirers who accidentally push him down a flight of stairs, where he is knocked out.

1961 : Patsy Cline gets in a nasty car accident in Nashville, when she is thrown through the windshield. She is hospitalized for about a month, during which time she is visited by the woman who will become her protégé: Loretta Lynn.

1964 : Workers at a London railway station open a tea chest addressed to The Beatles and find 12-year-old Carol Dryden, a fan who'd decided to mail herself to the group.

1970 : Eric Clapton's new band is introduced as "Derek and the Dominos" when they take the stage at the Lyceum in London. They told the promoter they were "The Dynamics", but he convinced them to add the "Derek", which was a nickname for Clapton. His mangled name interpretation stuck.

1970 : Blood, Sweat & Tears begins a tour of Romania, Poland and Yugoslavia on behalf of the US State Department. Working as government ambassadors under the Nixon administration put the band in bad standing with the protest movement they were part of when they played Woodstock.

1970 : Grand Funk Railroad unveil their famous "Closer To Home" billboard in New York, which costs $100,000 and takes a full city block to promote their new single of the same name.

1971 : Frank Sinatra announces his retirement from show business, only to return a year and a half later with the legendary comeback album Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back.

1972 : Yet another unruly crowd at a Rolling Stones concert, with cops dispensing tear gas into the audience at today's gig in Tucson, Arizona.

1976 : The Beatles' "Rock 'N' Roll Music" is certified gold.

1979 : Little Feat announce their breakup.

1988 : Chuck Berry is sued for five million dollars by a woman who claimed he punched her in the mouth during an argument.

1989 : Carole King gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1990 : Four days after being arrested for performing obscene songs at a Florida nightclub, the rap group 2 Live Crew performs at the Ozone Club outside of Atlanta. Authorities had warned the group that they would be arrested if they performed their dirty songs, so the rappers encourage the crowd to sing the obscene lyrics for them, resulting in about 500 people singing lines like "that's the way we like to f--k" as police officers look on. No arrests are made, and the group gets even more publicity and a bump in sales for the album they released a year earlier.

1996 : George Martin, Beatles producer, is made a knight by Queen Elizabeth II.

2002 : Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones is made a knight by Queen Elizabeth II.

2003 : Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers is awarded a Member of the British Empire medal by Queen Elizabeth in London.

2006 : Rufus Wainwright, son of folksinger Loudon, recreates the whole of Judy Garland's legendary 1961 Carnegie Hall concert at the famous institution in order to mark the show's 35th anniversary.

2007 : Chris Tomlin's cover of "Indescribable" is used as the official wake-up call for NASA astronaut, Patrick Forrester, while on the Space Shuttle mission, STS-117.

2008 : Among others artists, Pearl Jam and My Morning Jacket bond, Kanye West riles the crowd and calls organizers "squid brains" and MGMT dance like hippies at Bonnaroo 2008.

2009 : At The Dave Matthews Band concert held at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York, Dave Matthews is arrested because he allegedly "forcibly touched and groped a 20-year-old woman" at the show. However, the man was not the performer but an 18-year-old suspect who shares the same name as the band's leader.

2012 : Drake and Chris Brown are involved in fight at a New York City nightclub, with Brown accusing Drake of throwing a bottle at him. They had beef over Rihanna, who they both dated.

Texts from calendar.songfacts.com


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