March 12 : This Day in Music History Miscellaneous

This Day in Music History
March 12

1955 : Dave Brubeck performs at Carnegie Hall in New York, as Jazz becomes increasingly popular.

1958 : A Philadelphia court sentences Billie Holiday to one year probation for pleading guilty to heroin possession two years earlier.

1969 : Infamous London police officer Det. Sgt. Norman Pilcher, well-known for singling out and busting rock stars, enters George Harrison's house in Esher, Surrey, England and arrests the Beatle and his wife Pattie for possession of marijuana (specifically, cannabis resin).

1969 : At tonight's Grammy Awards ceremonies, the big winners are Simon & Garfunkel, who win Record of the Year for "Mrs. Robinson" and Glen Campbell, who wins Album of the Year for "By The Time I Get To Phoenix".

1971 : Paul McCartney wins his lawsuit to dissolve The Beatles and turn their affairs over to a receiver - not Allen Klein, who is managing the other members.

1996 : Nancy Sinatra gives her famous white go-go boots, the ones that were made for walkin', to the Beverly Hills Hard Rock Cafe.

1998 : Attorneys for KoRn send a cease-and-desist demand to a Michigan assistant principal who suspended a student for wearing a Korn T-shirt to school.

2007 : Disappointed with his share of the profits from a cell phone commercial that was authorized to use the group's famous 1968 hit "The Weight", The Band's Levon Helm sues Cingular, the commercial's creator.

2007 : Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Patti Smith, R.E.M., The Ronettes and Van Halen are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in New York City.

2007 : Matchbox Romance announces it is taking an indefinite hiatus after 10 years.

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