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This Day in Music History
May 1

1955 : A St. Louis guitarist named Chuck Berry is signed to Chess Records in Chicago after bluesman Muddy Waters recommends him to the label.

1957 : The Kingston Trio form in Palo Alto, California.

1966 : The Beatles play their last ever concert (not counting their Apple Records rooftop appearance in 1969) in their native England when they perform at show put on by the New Musical Express. The last song is "I'm Down".

1967 : Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys is arrested by the FBI for draft-dodging and refusing to take an oath of allegiance to the United States. Wilson, a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, is eventually exonerated by his draft board and rejoins the band, touring in Ireland.

1968 : Paul McCartney and John Lennon watch Bill Haley play Royal Albert Hall in London.

1970 : Diana Ross, having left The Supremes to focus on her solo career, releases her debut solo album, "Diana Ross", on Motown Records.

1973 : Washington, DC mayor Walter Washington officially declares today Marvin Gaye day in the singer's hometown.

1974 : At the request of President Nixon, The Carpenters perform at a state dinner honoring West German Chancellor Willy Brandt.

1975 : The Rolling Stones kick off their tour by rolling down 5th Avenue in New York City playing "Brown Sugar" from the back of a flatbed truck. Ron Wood has joined the band, though not officially at this point.

1979 : Elton John becomes the first Western rock star to play in Israel when he performs a concert in Jerusalem as part of a tour that would take him to Russia, where he becomes the first Western rock star to play there.

1999 : The Lyz Art Forum in Siegen, Germany, presents an exhibition of 70 paintings by Paul McCartney, including "Bowie Spewing", which is a young portrait of the singer.

2000 : Former Village Voice scribe Jimmy McDonough sues Neil Young for $1.8 million in civil court for allegedly backing down from his agreement to authorize a biography McDonough spent years writing.

2003 : While being treated for kidney failure, Barry White suffers a stroke, paralyzing the right side of his body. The singer never fully recovers, and dies a few months later.

2006 : 1,581 guitarists break a Guinness World Record when they simultaneously play Jimi Hendrix’s "Hey Joe" in the town square of Wrocaw, Poland.

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