May 20 : This Day in Music History Miscellaneous

This Day in Music History
May 20

1966 : Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band play their first gig at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco.

1966 : When John Entwistle and Keith Moon are late for a Who show at the Rikki Tik club in Newbury, England, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey go on with the opening act as their rhythm section. Entwistle and Moon show up halfway through, and after the show Moon announces that he and John are leaving to form a duo. All is well a week later when they patch things up.

1967 : George Harrison visits the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for the first time.

1967 : Jimi Hendrix signs with the Reprise label.

1969 : Chicago singer Peter Cetera is attacked at a Dodgers-Cubs game at Dodger Stadium. Explaining the incident, Cetera said: "Four marines didn't like a long-haired rock 'n' roller in a baseball park, and of course I was a Cub fan, and I was in Dodger Stadium, and that didn't do so well. I got in a fight and got a broken jaw in three places, and I was in intensive care for a couple of days. With my jaw wired together, I actually went on the road, and I was actually singing through my clenched jaw, which, to this day, is still the way I sing."

1985 : After extensive renovations, the historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem reopens.

1985 : Hall & Oates perform with Temptations Eddie Kendrick and David Ruffin at the reopened Apollo Theatre in Harlem. The concert is later released as "Live At The Apollo".

1998 : Tommy Lee of Motley Crue is sentenced to six months in jail and three years’ probation for kicking his soon-to-be ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, as she holds their infant son.

2003 : South Carolina's parole board pardons James Brown of all past offenses committed in the state, even the felonies, spurring James to spontaneously sing God Bless America at the conclusion of the hearing.

2006 : Hawthorne, California, dedicates a monument to their famous hometown sons: the three Wilson brothers of The Beach Boys.

2006 : The Finnish band, Lordi, romp home in the Eurovision Song Contest - the first heavy metal band ever to do so.

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