September 8 : This Day in Music History Miscellaneous

This Day in Music History
September 8

1954 : DJ Alan Freed makes his move from Cleveland to New York, where he begins broadcasting his "Alan Freed Rock 'n' Roll Show" on WINS. Being the first white DJ to play black music, Freed brings R&B music to a wider audience in New York, and the sound would quickly go mainstream with the rise of Elvis and the popularization of Rock Music.

1955 : The legendary DJ Alan Freed puts on the "First Anniversary Rock 'n Roll Party" at Brooklyn's Paramount Theater. Acts on the bill include Chuck Berry, The Cardinals, and Tony Bennett, which was a little incongruent.

1956 : Eddie Cochran signs a contract with Liberty Records.

1972 : Actress Carrie Snodgrass gives birth to Neil Young's son Zeke.

1988 : It's the finale of a 4-day "garage sale" where Elton John cleans house, which in his case looks like a high-end Hoarders. Among the items sold are the boots he wore in the movie Tommy and his Statue of Liberty stage costume that the 41-year-old feels he has outgrown. The take is $6.2 million.

1993 : Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain appear on stage together for the first time, performing at Club Lingerie in Los Angeles. They play Pennyroyal Tea and "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?".

2002 : Gordon Lightfoot undergoes an emergency stomach operation in a suburban Toronto hospital.

2007 : Lynyrd Skynyrd is inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

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