The Alphaville song "Big in Japan" covered by

"Big in Japan" is the debut single of the German band Alphaville. It is from their 1984 album "Forever Young". The title comes from a phrase Big in Japan, which was used to describe Western bands who are popular with Japanese audiences while garnering little attention in their home country. The single was a great success in many countries, including Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. The song also reached number one on the Hot Dance Club Play in December 1984. -- Wikipedia

The Alphaville song Big in Japan was covered by ...

All cover versions with details (including text from Wikipedia)

  • Sandra recorded a German version as "Japan ist weit" in a 1984 single.
  • Kim Ono released a dance cover in 1995. The voice belongs to singer Lianne Morgan who was a member of the Spice Girls at the beginning.
  • Tokia covered it in their 1996 single "Big in Japan".
  • Late Nite Romeo covered it on their 1996 album "Adrenalized".
  • Insania covered it on their 1997 album "House of Cards".
  • Swedish melodic black metal band Embraced covered it on their 1998 album "Amorous Anathema".
  • The Precis covered it on their 1999 compilation "Tecno New Wave - La fiebre de los 80".
  • Guano Apes covered it on a 1999 german compilation and on their 2000 album "Don't Give Me Names".
  • German synthpop band And One covered it live. It was included on the bootleg "2001-06-04: Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany", and on their 2009 album "Bodypop 1½".
  • Spacegirl covered it on the 2003 compilation "Back 2 the Future - 80's".
  • Eamon's Daughter covered it on their 2004 album "Buyfang".
  • Hitboutique covered it on their 2007 compilation "Best Of".
  • Dolapdere Big Gang covered it on their 2007 album "Just Feel".
  • Norwegian singer Ane Brun covered it on her 2008 album "Changing Of The Seasons". It was originally recorded for the Swedish television series "Stor i Japan".
  • Roby Solo covered it on his 2009 album "L'emozione della voce".
  • Doktor Kosmos covered it on a 2009 digital release. It was originally recorded for the Swedish television series "Stor i Japan".
  • Satan Takes A Holiday covered it on their 2009 eponymous album.
  • RYVO covered it on their 2009 digital release "Everything Is Moving So Quickly".
  • Gaetano & Schorr covered it on their 2011 digital release "Big in Japan".
  • Wolverine Eagle covered it on her 2011 digital release "Don't Give Me Name I Don't Want It".


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