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"Forever Young" is the title track from German rock/synthpop group Alphaville's 1984 debut album of the same name. The single was a strong hit in Scandinavia and in the European-German speaking countries in the same year. Though it was not the group's highest-charting European hit and failed to reach the American Top 40 despite three separate U.S. single releases, "Forever Young" has subsequently been covered by numerous artists. -- Wikipedia

The Alphaville song Forever Young was covered by ...

All cover versions with details (including text from Wikipedia)

  • Harry Holland & Dieter Reith covered the song on their 1985 album "Magic Accordion".
  • Laura Branigan covered it on her 1985 album "Hold Me" and began a tradition of performing the song as an encore at her concerts.
  • In 1987 German punk band Die Goldenen Zitronen re-worked the song as "Für immer Punk" ("Forever Punk") with guest appearances by the lead vocalists of Slime, Die Toten Hosen, and Die Ärzte, each contributing their own lyrical variation of the chorus and ending with Alphaville singer Marian Gold singing the original chorus.
  • Emil covered it on his 1992 album "I Remember".
  • DJ Space'C covered it on his 1992 single "Forever Young".
  • Axel Rudi Pell covered it on his 1993 album "The Ballads".
  • German electronic group Interactive covered it on their 1994 single "Forever Young", which reached No. 7 in Germany and made the Top 20 in 5 other countries.
  • Sunset Regime covered it on their 1995 single "Tribal Chant".
  • Canadian eurodance group Temperance covered it on a 1995 digital release which reached #8 on the Canadian Dance Chart.
  • DJ 7 and The Sound Generators covered it on their 1996 album "Technodrome".
  • Wayne Wonder covered it on his 1997 single "Forever Young".
  • Dune & London Session Orchestra covered it on their 1998 album "Forever and Ever".
  • F.o.N. covered it on their 1998 album "Hooked on F.o.N.ix.".
  • B-Charme covered it on the 1999 album "This Is My World".
  • Stoned covered it on their 1999 album "Way Back In The Day".
  • Not Available covered it on their 1999 album "Fezzo".
  • In 2001 Swedish group Ainbusk re-wrote the song in their native language as a Christmas song titled "Förevigt nu" ("Forever Now" in Swedish).
  • Emmerson Nogueira covered it on his 2001 album "Versão acústica".
  • Paul Michiels covered it on his 2001 album "Forever Young".
  • Nabby Clifford covered it on his 2001 digital release "The Bond Servant".
  • Forever Young covered it on their 2003 eponymous album.
  • D.J. Miko covered it on his 2003 single "Forever Young".
  • Skam covered it on their 2005 single "Forever Young".
  • So They Say covered it on the 2005 compilation "Punk Goes 80's".
  • Tune Up! covered it on their 2005 single "Forever Young".
  • In 2005 Australian rock band Youth Group recorded a cover version of "Forever Young" for use in an episode of the show The O.C. Their version was also used as theme music during Australian advertisements for the show's third season and was included on the 2005 compilation "Music from the OC: Mix 5". The song became a hit in Australia, receiving radio play on rock station Triple J and soon being picked up by other stations. A single released in the country debuted at #2 on the ARIA charts, was ranked #1 in digital downloads, and was certified gold in sales. The song was included on the band's album Casino Twilight Dogs released internationally later that year.
  • Sara Burnett covered it on the 2006 compilation "Det bästa från Idol 2006".
  • Ella covered it on her 2006 single "Forever Young".
  • Gregorian covered it on their 2006 album "Masters Of Chant Chapter V".
  • Tiffany covered it on her 2007 album "I Think We're Alone Now - '80s Hits and More".
  • Stefano Prada covered it on his 2007 single "Forever Young".
  • Pluto covered it for a 2007 tourism ad for New Zealand's "youngest country on Earth" campaign.
  • Atrocity on their 2008 album "Werk 80 II".
  • Rooney covered it on their 2008 digital release "I Shoud've Been After You".
  • Blogbusters covered it on their 2008 single "Forever Young".
  • Katie Hasty covered it on the 2009 compilation "Music for Picture Presents Revisionist History Vol. 1: 1984".
  • Jay-Z covered it as "Young Forever" on the 2009 album "The Blueprint 3".
  • Marc De Siau covered it on his 2009 digital release "Forever Young".
  • Bad Influence covered it on their 2009 digital release "00:00:00 - Forever Young".
  • Tangerine Dream covered it on their 2010 album "Under Cover, Chapter One".
  • Pathfinder covered it on their 2010 album "Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time".
  • Hitboutique covered it on their 2011 album "In Love".
  • Brandi Carlile performed the song in concert in 2011 and included the song as a hidden track on her live album "Live at Benaroya Hall with The Seattle Symphony".
  • Sam Concepcion covered it on his 2011 album "Forever Young".
  • Kim Wilde first sang the song live as part of her Come Out and Play Tour. In 2011 she recorded a studio version which was included as a bonus track on her covers album, "Snapshots".
  • Rebekka Bakken covered it on her 2011 album "September".


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