NCAA University Basketball Madness March finals ended in San Antonio. Villanova University of Pennsylvania defeated Brady’s alma mater Michigan University 79-62 and became Crazy March’s 4th triathlon in 3 years Team. No suspense is that this game triggered a hot debate on social media, including the Pennsylvania Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, but also became the center of this media parade.

Before the game began, a short video appeared on the March Madness of the NCAA's social media account. The University of NFL Coins Michigan's Carolina Panthers wide receiver Devin-Vanchez appeared at the San Antonio game site for his alma mater. Come on cheering. In the second round of the 2015 season, Faches was selected by the Carolina Panthers as the 41st overall pick and joined the 50th Super Bowl that year.

?Yesterday, the Villanova University basketball team won the championship of the American University Basketball Championship at the Alamo Center in San Antonio, and completed a three-year, two-time championship. In fact, the Alamo Center is used on the weekdays as the home of the football team of the University of Texas-San Antonio instead of the basketball court. The schools in the secondary league are far less famous than their home game, the "Alamo Bowl," but this does not affect their ability to produce outstanding players. In this year's draft, Marcus Davenport from the school used his strength to conquer a large number of scouts on this venue.

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