Jones had two goals and six assists in the past six games

In the backcourt, one group is Zac-Villensky and partner Seth Jones, the second group is Jack-Johnson partner Ryan Murray, and the third group is Ian Cole and partner David Sabad. Jones had two goals and six assists in the past six games. Among them, one goal and six assists were all won in the past two games, which provided strong support for the team's offense and defense. On the goalkeeper's position, the team is expected to NHL Coins send Sergei Bobrovsky, who has averaged 92.2% per game this season, and has made seven wins for the team in the past eight games. The penguin's striker has brought a huge test.

2017-18 season NHL regular season continue the last week of competition, still at the edge of the playoffs, Anaheim Ducklings sit at home to meet the challenge of the Minnesota wild team that has landed. As a result, the ducklings are lagging behind. In the case of a goal, the 3-1 reversal wins the wild and they successfully make it into the playoffs. In this game, the duckling backcourt Andy Werlinski replaced the injured Can-Fouler, while the wild team, the teenager Jordan Greenway also entered the lineup, the goalkeeper position, ducklings to send Replaced by Brian Miller, while the Wild Team continued to send Devin Dubnik.

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