PSA is L.I.M. Smitty's debut project. In the words of L.I.M. Smitty: "I wanted to show the different aspects of my craft and passion. Songs like Miss Me and Told Myself show how I can put my life into perspective and stuff I’ve made it through, that everyday people relate too. Songs like Walked In or Presidential show my fun side, music that makes you just wanna get up and dance. Definitely had a lot of fun making it, but this is just the beginning... it’s a Public Service Announcement that I’m here to stay."

About L.I.M. Smitty:

L.I.M. Smitty is an artist who lives in Hawaii but reps Summerville, South Carolina. About L.I.M. Smitty's music in his own words: "I want to show people that it’s okay to have feelings, get hurt, be upset, be happy, etc. because that’s what makes us humans. I don’t want fans, I want family."

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