Since Bryant signed a five-year, $70 million contract with the Cowboys in 2015, he has not scored more than 838 yards in one season and received no more than 69 catches. In 2015, he Due to NFL Coins injury reimbursement, he missed three games in the 2016 season because of an orbital bone fracture. For Dez Bryant, we can look at the statement of the cowboy coach Jason Garrett: “Although Deez is in the Cowboys' These years have been very successful, but we can't deny that the NFL has a commercial side.” Obviously, all kinds of situations suggest that as long as Bryant is not willing to cut his salary, then this wide receiver's cowboy career may be over. .

The day before the transfer gate closed last season, the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots made a startling trading. The former brought Brady's successor Jimmy Gallopolo to San Francisco. Immediately after Gallopolo took a few benches, he stepped in. Even three playoff teams including Titan, Jaguars and Rams won 5 consecutive victories. The fans shouted "MVP, MVP, MVP. !" Bring Gallopolo to the altar.

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