The company has no problems with the hardware of the console

The creators of this release have said they have work to do with this version, whose frame rate will be 30 and the that already runs most of the time. Another detail mentioned about the technical aspect of the game is that compared to ARK Survival Evolved Items
other versions we will see a slight decrease in field distance and less content on the stage, something perfectly understandable. The study ensures that there are not as many differences between these systems as people think.

The company has no problems with the hardware of the console, but with an aspect related to it: the cartridges. As mentioned, the 32GB cartridges are expensive and have opted to make use of the 16GB offered by Nintendo. Due to this, the studio will have to make a decision on how to offer the game: compress everything to fit the cartridge, ensuring that during the process nothing will be changed, or offer a part of the game in downloadable format, something that we have already seen in other games and that would not catch anyone by surprise. Of course, they say it is the most complicated. Then we leave you with an off-screen video so you can see a slight glimpse of the game on Nintendo Switch, which is still in the development phase.

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