Classifying the sound as "punk rap," TYJAI LA RARI tries to separate himself from the LA music scene, but as the new video drops for his debut single, "Round & Round," he shows, his music fits right in with its heavy bass and drums complemented by pop melodies and edgy guitar riffs.


TYJAI is a punk rap producer that also makes songs to melodic tunes with heavy bass. Originally from the west side of Indianapolis, TYJAI has made made the leap to LA to collaborate with various artists while perfecting his craft. He is now, working on a few singles for other artists, and still plans on finilazing the final records before the release of his second mixtape, PLACEBO sometime this year. Like his childhood inspiration, Dr. Dre, TYJAI feels like his only escape from the harsh realities of the world are through the sounds, rhythms and melodies of music. He believes that the only way to compare yourself to the best is to BE ONE OF THE BEST. Talk is cheap and TYJAI is all to familiar with hard work. Take a ride with TYJAI LA RARI as he shows you how he’s on the way to the top by working hard to PARTY HARD.


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