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Vito901's "Screwed Up" is a modernized old school style hip hop song. It is influence by Notorious BIG and Tyler the Creator, although the beat, also made by Vito901, borrows from the Bay Area style. The lyrics are about Vito901's frustration with a feeling of separation among people because of who they are.

About Vito901:

Vito901 is a rapper and producer from Memphis, TN. He makes lyrical rap with generally relatable subjects most people can sympathize with. He grew up playing piano, started producing and then eventually went to rapping on his own beats. He has one mixtape on Spinrilla titled Some Songs I Made in Memphis, and plans on writing a follow up very soon. He is currently focusing on releasing singles on Soundcloud, and plans on being a rapper that can stand out, while still being relatable.

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