Bayeté - Free Angela (Thoughts... And All I've Got To Say)


From the 1972 LP Worlds Around The Sun via Prestige | uploaded this for the gorgeous final two minutes | sampled by the likes of De La Soul, Jay Electronica,...

Worlds Around The Sun was recorded by Todd Cochran (as Bayeté). Not only did the young protégé write all of the album's material, he also produced and played keyboards on it, along with other jazz greats - including a young Bobby Hutcherson on vibes.

Over 40 years later, the album has become a holy grail of collectors, with copies fetching unbelievable prices. When copies can be found, that is...Cochran's playing would later appear on releases from artists as diverse as Automatic Man, Stanley Clarke and Peter Gabriel - the journey begins with Worlds Around The Sun.

1. It Ain't
2. Free Angela (Thoughts... And All I've Got To Say)
3. Njeri (Belonging To A Warrior)
4. Boll Weevil
5. I'm On It
6. Bayeté (Between Man And God)
7. Then I'd Be Satisfied With Life
8. Eurus (The Southeast Wind)

9. Phoebe
10. Shine The Knock

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